Here's the reality: Sovryn Tech doesn't go round and round without you, the listener. Sovryn Tech does not rely upon paywalls. We like to think we provide important, actionable information to listeners every week, and to put that information behind a paywall can potentially create unethical incentives on the part of the podcast (saying things that make money, instead of speaking our truth), or worse: leaves people who need bleeding edge information out in the cold.

With that said, donations from listeners are always accepted and help the show continue at a foundational level. Running a high-level podcast is not inexpensive these days, and doing research on the latest technological and even scientific developments come at a cost. And though we do what we do out of pure passion and desire, donations always gives our passion new and necessary fire.

Below are some of the options available for listeners to donate to Sovryn Tech:


Bitcoin Address: 364mWGVeAEJmMmTKdirbYW8Earai6e9X2F


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Zcash Address: t1Skt8E34XgANm7SyVeGrNvPZ6KaKp13SYS


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