Zomia ONE Underground Ep. 0366: “The Complete Guide to PS2 Gaming in 2020”

August 4th, 2020

WOO! Time for another Gaming Grid special! This is a deep breakdown of how to rock a Playstation 2 (and play those precious PSone games, too) in 2020! Loaded with hard-earned tips on how to collect, burn properly, and play one of the greatest game libraries of all-time, this is a special not to be missed if you’re into retro gaming! There’s also a little conversation around the recent reveals for the Analogue Pocket…and maybe why you shouldn’t pick one up…but anyways…. Make sure you go through the shownotes on this one, there’s a lot on offer. Listen in!

OPENING AUDIO: Soul Blade Theme


--“PS2 Game Burning Software Kit” Link:

--"7-Zip Extraction Tool" Link:

--“Free McBoot” Link:

--“How To Fake A Closed Optical Drive” Link:

--“How To Burn CD-based PS2 Games” Link:


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