The Golden Stallion is back for another Sovryn Tech Subscriber Q&A episode, only available to Patreon Sovryn Tech Patrons! It’s the show YOU control! Feel free to send in questions for future entries!


--”Google Backing Off on Chrome Manifest V3”

--”Foldable Phones”

--”Why Not Plex?” Link:,

--”Dumping the Tech Giants but Not the Tech?”

--ALBUM OF THE WEEK: “Dream Theater – Distance Over Time (2019)”



--”The Officially Unofficial Sovryn Tech Discord Server” Link:

--”Use Fastmail!” Link:

--”Use and Earn $25!” Link:

--“Sovryn Tech Amazon Wishlist” Link:

--“Rare Books from Sovryn Tech: Link:

--"Sovryn Tech Patron RetroShare Directory" Link:


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