U.S.E.R. Podcast: “Supplemental: Minoans, Panbabylonism, and the Ankh”

January 20th, 2021

U.S.E.R. stands for Unexpected System ErroR. The U.S.E.R. Podcast explores the nature of the universe, life, philosophy, and everything in between with a singular goal in to break free from "The System" we all seem trapped in.

This episode is a compilation of a series of papers that Dr. Brian Sovryn wrote in 2018 which he originally put under the “Sovryn Insights: Audio Edition” moniker, and were available only to Sovryn Tech Podcast supporters. Now presented as supplemental material to the U.S.E.R. Podcast--available to the broader public for the very first time--the three pieces include:

1. Snake Goddesses and the Serpent of Eden
2. The Pentateuch, Panbabylonism, and You
3. The Ankh With A Side of Fruit

This also includes an all-new, EXCLUSIVE intro for the U.S.E.R. Podcast. Theories abound! Get ready for a ride unlike any other through time and space!


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