Join us for a very special TIE Fighter Renegades: A Star Wars Podcast where we open fire on Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker in a full SPOILER-FILLED review! The Man of Tomorrow--Dr. Brian Sovryn--is joined by Robin Freebeard for another conversation you won't want to miss! All the latest news and reviews unlike any other Star Wars podcast! WOO! Only on Zomia ONE: The most rebellious podcast network in the galaxy!

CO-HOST: Robin Freebeard (twitter: @The_Freebeard)


--”The Disney Cut vs. The 3-Hour JJ Cut?” Link: 

--”Your Rise of Skywalker Questions!”

--”Is Ahsoka Dead?” Link: 

--”Palpatine’s Fortnite Message” Link: 

--”No Midichlorians” Link: 

--”Comics Update”) 

--”The Mandalorian Episode 6-8 Review”


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