The Man of Tomorrow is joined by new Sovryn Tech co-host Robin Freebeard for a rip-roaring conversation around all the latest releases and news in Star Wars! In this monthly Star Wars Update, the Rebels Season 4 finale and a series overall review, The Last Jedi novelization, The Last Jedi documentaries review along with deleted scenes, and so much more! Check it!

CO-HOST: Robin Freebeard (twitter: @The_Freebeard)


--"Forces of Destiny Season 2” Link:

--"Star Wars: The Last Jedi Expanded Edition Novel Review" Link:

--“Star Wars: The Last Jedi Movie and Bonus Features Review” Link:

--“Mark Hamill Knows the Original Episode IX George Lucas Ending” Link:

--"Colin Trevorrow's Episode IX Would Have Been Epic" Link:

--"Looking for Leia" Link:

--"Fanwork of the Month" Link:


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