Sovryn Tech Supplemental 01-2021: “Browsers, Social Media, Messengers, and Control”

January 10th, 2021

Dr. Brian Sovryn brings you this special episode of Sovryn Tech to discuss the dramatic (though long-predicted and warned about) changes that have taken the internet by storm on social media, messaging platforms like WhatsApp, and even browsers like Firefox. It seems like nothing is safe...but the Man of Tomorrow is here to give you hints on what might be. Share this one with friends and family!


Story Links:

--”WhatsApp claims Terms of Service change only affects business accounts” Link: 

--”Mozilla says we need more than deplatforming” Link: 

--”Amazon suspends hosting Parler on its servers over violent content” Link: 


Reference Episodes:

--Making censorship and identity-resistant content: ”Sovryn Tech’s Dark Podcasting: How to Make Content That Can’t Be Shutdown” Link: 

--Telegram vs Apple: ”Sovryn Tech Ep. 0386: “The Last Phone”” Link:

--Google Drive isn’t safe: ”Sovryn Tech Ep. 0380: “Go Local”” Link:

--Don’t trust Mozilla: ”Sovryn Tech Ep. 0388: “Angels Don’t Wear This Halo” Link:

--Twitter Hack: ”Sovryn Tech Ep. 0394: “PIA 5G”” Link:

--Google Accounts Get Deleted Unwarranted: ”Sovryn Tech Ep. 0395: “The Google-less Life”” Link: 

--Dark Android: “Sovryn Tech Special 0045: “Dark Android II: F-Droid Strikes Back” Link: 


Alternative General Phone Installs:






Messaging Alternatives:








--OpenKeychain & K9 Mail:, 


The *Real* Solutions:

--TrueNAS & NextCloud Link: 

--Synology NAS & Chat: Link:


Browser Alternatives to Firefox

Firefox/Quantum/Gecko-based browsers:

--GNU IceCat (Linux, macOS, Android): 

--Pale Moon (Linux, Windows): 

--Tor Browser (Linux, Windows, macOS, Tails, Android): 


Webkit-based browsers:

--Safari (macOS, iOS): 

--Midori (Linux, Android): 

--Falkon (Linux, Windows, FreeBSD): 

--Konqueror (Linux): 


Chromium/Blink-based browsers:

--Chromium (Linux, Windows, FreeBSD/OpenBSD, iOS, macOS, Android): 

--Brave (Linux, Windows, macOS, Android, iOS): 

--Opera/Opera GX (Linux, Windows, macOS, Android, iOS):



--”Sovryn Tech Polytechnic Telegram Group” Link: 

--”The Sovryn Tech Amazon Wishlist” Link: 

--”Listen to Free Talk Live” Link:  

--”Use Fastmail!” Link:

--”Use and Earn $25!” Link: 

--"Buy the Insurgo PrivacyBeast X230!” Link: 

--"Surveillance Self-Defense" Link:  

--"RetroShare" Link:

--“Books of Liberty” Link:

--"Dark Android: 2017 Edition" Link:

--”Sovryn Universe, Vol. 1” Link:


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