Sovryn Tech Ep. 0387: “Sovryn Primal Tech”

August 23rd, 2020

Guest Co-Host: Ellen Sovryn

In this very special episode of Sovryn Tech, you get to hear Dr. Brian Sovryn and Ellen Sovryn on an excursion that has surprising ramifications, real-world tech testing, and insights perhaps like no other podcast in history. We'd explain more here, but why spoil the fun? Listen in! WOO!

Episode Links:

--“Original COVID-19 Sovryn Tech Episode” Link:

--"Ka-Bar Tanto Knife” Link:

--“Knife/Axe Sharpener and Firestarter” Link:

--“Fiskar Chopping Axe” Link:

--“SOL Bivvy Sack” Link:

--“Biodegradable Toothbrush” Link:

--“Toothpaste Travel Tablets” Link:

--“The Solo Stove” Link:

--“Ka-Bar Survival Spork” Link:

--"Lifestraw Go Bottle” Link:

--"The Art of Shen Ku Book” Link:

--“Survival Shovel” Link:

--"Baofeng Radio UV-5R MK5 8 Watt MP Max Power” Link:

--“Columbia Sportswear Mens Backcast III Water Short” Link:


--”Sovryn Tech Polytechnic Telegram Group” Link: 

--”The Sovryn Tech Amazon Wishlist” Link: 

--”Listen to Free Talk Live” Link:  

--”Use Fastmail!” Link:

--”Use and Earn $25!” Link: 

--"Buy the Insurgo PrivacyBeast X230!” Link: 

--"Surveillance Self-Defense" Link:  

--"RetroShare" Link:

--“Books of Liberty” Link:

--"Dark Android: 2017 Edition" Link:

--”Sovryn Universe, Vol. 1” Link:


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