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--The Sovryn Tech Polytechnic Telegram group (, help out the show with the Sovryn Tech Amazon Wishlist (, new call-in number! (+1 347 474 0069), Facebook will let you turn off political ads (, Twitter adding voice recording tweets (, , Strandhogg 2.0 and Android 10 (, Apple’s synthetic group selfies (

The Main Story:

--“Google Drive Deletion” Link:


--“Doxxed by Exercise Tracker” Link:

Important Messages (Q&A):

(Send your questions to:

--“Best Chromebook?(!)”

The Gaming Grid:

--"Missile Command Reloaded”

Album of the Week:

--“Klassik ‘78”



--“Leave a Voicemail for Sovryn Tech: +1 347 474 0069”

--”Sovryn Tech Polytechnic Telegram Group” Link: 

--”The Sovryn Tech Amazon Wishlist” Link: 

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--”Use Fastmail!” Link:

--”Use and Earn $25!” Link: 

--"Buy the Insurgo PrivacyBeast X230!” Link: 

--"Surveillance Self-Defense" Link:  

--"RetroShare" Link:

--“Books of Liberty” Link:

--"Dark Android: 2017 Edition" Link:

--”Sovryn Universe, Vol. 1” Link:


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