The Foreplay: 

--The Sovryn Tech Polytechnic Telegram group (, help out the show with the Sovryn Tech Amazon Wishlist (, new call-in number! (+1 347 474 0069), Windows Enterprise software coming to ChromeOS (, the Zoom fiasco continues (, Telegram no longer blocked in Russia (, Firefox VPN in public beta (, Apple Music forcing specific music on you (

The Main Story:

--“GitHub Replacing Master Terms” Link:


--“Facial Recognition is Here to Stay” Link:

Important Messages (Q&A):

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--“The Right Browser(s)”

The Gaming Grid:

--“Game Gear Mini” Link:



--“Leave a Voicemail for Sovryn Tech: +1 347 474 0069”

--”Sovryn Tech Polytechnic Telegram Group” Link: 

--”The Sovryn Tech Amazon Wishlist” Link: 

--”Listen to Free Talk Live” Link:  

--”Use Fastmail!” Link:

--”Use and Earn $25!” Link: 

--"Buy the Insurgo PrivacyBeast X230!” Link: 

--"Surveillance Self-Defense" Link:  

--"RetroShare" Link:

--“Books of Liberty” Link:

--"Dark Android: 2017 Edition" Link:

--”Sovryn Universe, Vol. 1” Link:


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