Hyperlocal social media? Dolphins schtupping for pleasure? The greatest movie of all time?!?!?! All that, and much, much more…

Co-Host: Ellen Stallone (ellen.s@sovryntech.com)

Opening Audio: https://youtu.be/OSPyXTjIrnk 

The Foreplay:

--Shoelace app from Google’s Area 120 is coming (https://bit.ly/2O6Bdg7), Amazon admits Alexa keeps transcripts of what you’re saying (https://bit.ly/2LwR59C), Apollo 11 thoughts, Star Trek: Picard trailer (https://youtu.be/KbXy0f0aCN0).

Story of the Week:

--”Do Dolphins Lie About Orgasms?” Link: http://bit.ly/2y0qdpE 

--”Music Can Improve Your Workouts” Link: http://bit.ly/2Z69kWC 

The Climax:

--”Battlefield Earth (2001)”



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