Your monthly Star Trek Update is here! And it’s all news, all the time in this one…okay, there is one review. Check it!


--“Astronomers discover a planet right where Star Trek's Vulcan would be” Link:

--“‘Star Trek: Short Treks’ Set At CBS All Access Ahead Of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Return” Link:

--“‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Designers Discuss Modern Look For USS Enterprise, Reveal Alternative Designs And More” Link:

--“This Star Trek Fan Theory Explains Why the Borg’s Attacks on the Federation Make No Sense” Link:

--“William Shatner Explains the "Oh My" Moment in 'Star Trek Generations'” Link:

--“Read Unused ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ Episode Outline Featuring The Guardian And Two Spocks” Link:


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