Your monthly Star Trek Update is here! And now it comes with two of the most brilliant women in the world: Stephanie and Ellen! This month--with very little Star Trek news to discuss--they discuss Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and give a list of their favorite episodes of the series, along with an overview of where DS9 ranks, and what made it so unique. You've got to hear this one! WOO!

THE TOP 3's:

Stephanie’s List:

--“Second Skin (Season 3)”

--“Family Business (Season 3)”

--“Rejoined (Season 3)”

Ellen’s List

--“Rejoined (Season 3)”

--“The Search Part 1 & 2 (Season 3)”

--“Far Beyond the Stars (Season 6)”

Brian’s List

--“Paradise (Season 2)”

--“The Maquis Part 1 & 2 (Season 3)”

--“Our Man Bashir (Season 4)”


Honorable Mentions

--“Inquisition (Season 6)”

--“Civil Defense (Season 3)”

--“Way of the Warrior (Season 4)”

--“Empok Nor (Season 5)”



--"Poll Says Ship You'd Like to Serve On Is...” Link:


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