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WOO! Time for another Sovryn Top 8! And this time we’re covering YouTube Channels that aren’t complete shit! No really…that’s the title, and that’s what it’s about! From the entertaining, to the educational, to the wildly speculative, you’re not going to want to miss this list of things that are amazingly worthwhile on an otherwise worthless platform: YouTube!

NOTE: When watching YouTube videos, Sovryn Tech recommends using for the best experience.

1. Technology Connections 

2. Isaac Arthur 

3. Angry Video Game Nerd 

4. The Gaming Historian 

5. Toy Galaxy 

6. Kurzgesagt 

7. Mike O'Hearn 

8. Medcram 


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As requested by a Zomia ONE Underground Patron! In this episode, Dr. Brian Sovryn breaks down what makes his daily-driver Android phone tick, and maybe even what ticks him've gotta hear it! All the apps, all the fun! WOOO!

Android Loadout:

  1. Podbean
  2. Plex/PowerAmp
  3. Twitter
  4. Slack
  5. Audible
  6. Atom
  8. Briar
  9. NeoCal
  10. Business Calendar 2
  11. Chess
  12. Dice
  13. Dictionary Premium
  14. Duolingo
  15. DuckDuckGo
  16. Easy Voice Recorder
  17. Fastmail
  18. Files
  19. Gallery
  20. Green Wallet
  21. IRC
  22. Lastpass
  23. OsmAnd+
  24. Messages
  25. Moon+ Reader
  26. Nova Launcher
  27. OpenKeychain
  29. Telegram
  30. Signal
  31. Simplenote
  32. Skype
  33. Smart Audiobook Player
  34. Stellarium
  35. Tor Browser
  36. Ticketmaster
  37. Wire
  38. Yubico Authenticator
  39. Wikipedia Beta
  40. VLC
  41. Ttorrent
  42. PIA VPN


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Just for fun, Brian Sovryn--the Man of Tomorrow--is here for another Sovryn Top 8! And boy does he get geeky with games! This Top 8 covers the greatest Sega Genesis/Mega Drive games ever created! And you probably won't believe this list (not one single Sonic game)! And it's Zomia ONE Underground-only, baby! Enjoy


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