Sovryn Thinking: Spaceships of the Egyptians Starter Kit (Zomia ONE Underground Ep. 0378)

December 28th, 2020

Get ready for one of the wildest rides through history you'll ever find this side of the Kuiper Belt! Dr. Brian Sovryn is honored to show you the reality around one of history's most controversial books: Torah. Including classic Sovryn Tech conversations and an all-new, EXCLUSIVE intro, this is an episode you don't want to miss if you're wondering about that "insane" notion that Dr. Sovryn postulated: that Torah is actually an ancient spaceship survival manual!

You have to listen to find out!



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--"The Egyptian Origins of King David and the Temple of Solomon" by Ahmed Osman Link: 

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Zomia ONE Underground Ep. 0373: “Classic Conversations: The Politics and Practice of Entertainment”

November 8th, 2020

Get ready for a rare Sovryn Tech special--or Zomia ONE Underground Special if you prefer--that is all about...home video?! Sort of. But it's also much more. The Paramount Decree, the future of theaters after COVID-19...but that's just in the 40-minute intro! It's followed up with a classic rant from the Man of Tomorrow about Blu-rays...and Superman...and the Market (why is that capitalized?). You've got to hear it to get it.

This audio--originally from 2017--is a special edit from Sovryn Tech episode #254 that at the request of Sovryn Tech listeners was released on YouTube for easier shareability and listenability, but this was never released on the main Sovryn Tech Podcast feed, so here it is, and with an all-new EXCLUSIVE introduction and explanation by Dr. Brian Sovryn at the opening.

Dr. Sovryn welcomes your questions on this controversial but important conversation, so don't forget to email him at, or connect with him on Twitter or in the Sovryn Tech Polytechnic Telegram Group!


--"Blu-ray Discs, Intellectual Property, Net Neutrality, Superman, and Bullshit" Link:


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